See? Things are simpler already.

The process of decorating your home or business doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive. MG DesignCoach will start with what you already own, and then rearrange, edit, expand and enhance.

You might need help with the basics, or maybe itís the details that baffle you. Whatever your needs, MG DesignCoach will get you on track.

If you know just what you want, but need someone to scour the stores, deliver an assortment of items and then return whatís not needed, MG DesignCoach is for you.

  • Maybe youíre moving and need help staging your home for sale.
  • Maybe youíre downsizing and don't know where to start.
  • Maybe youíre just ready to wake up to a fresh look.
  • And maybe you thought this type of service was beyond your means.

Let MG DesignCoach be your partner in design: to advise you personally, to refer you to her network of contacts, and to do your legwork.

Please contact Mary Gilbert for more details:

  • Phone: 513.910.5522
  • Fax: 513.624.6496
  • Or click here: